The Wind River News is looking more like a newspaper

May 14, 2013


The Wind River News is looking more like a newspaper. Lately the only newspaper “dedicated” to the Wind River Reservation contains more and better content than usual. The cover of the latest issue of the News is a good example of the improved coverage. The May 9 cover included headlines about the Shoshone Tribe’s casino […]

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CST parachutes in to cover tribal election unrest

November 17, 2012


Here a Casper Star-Tribune story about an election flap on the Wind River Reservation. Other than the new elections, it is hard to say how much of the story is true. The best part is the description of Kim Harjo as the former “supreme leader” of the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

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NPR breaks story about EPA wastewater loophole at Wind River Reservation

November 17, 2012


The link is here.

WyoFile, WPR show new dedication to reservation news coverage

November 9, 2012


A tip of the hat to WyoFile and Wyoming Public Radio for their recent dedication to reservation news coverage. WyoFile’s new reservation reporter, Ron Feemster, hit the ground running with a series of election stories. In producing his election coverage, Feemster showed a willingness to do what few Wyoming news outlets have the time, resources or gumption to do: He spent […]

WyoFile takes major step toward improved reservation news coverage

October 23, 2012


Wyoming’s statewide news Website, WyoFile, just hired longtime journalist and former Northwest College journalism professor Ron Feemster to cover the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is a big commitment by WyoFile at a time when other statewide news organizations are cutting back on, or facing challenges to, their reservation coverage. Ultimately, it should mean more sophisticated […]

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Good news, bad news for reporting on tribal affairs in Wyoming

September 16, 2012


The bad news: One of the few Wyoming reporters with an eye on covering the Wind River Indian Reservation has flown the coop. Tristan Ahtone of Wyoming Public Radio left the station earlier this summer and moved to New Mexico. Before leaving, he finished a year-long investigation on an alleged reservation land grab and related […]

The Score for March 25-31, 2012

April 1, 2012


The conventional wisdom holds that mainstream news reporting about American Indians and tribal governments is disproportionately negative. The Score is an attempt to test whether that assumption holds true in Wyoming. To make things simple, we lump stories into three broad categories based on overall story tone and content: “positive,” “negative” and “neutral.” We provide an […]